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Hi,I'm Bastiaan van Leeuwen, a Dutchman living in the Eifel region of Germany.Born November 26,1976 in Doetinchem in the Netherlands,I moved with my parents & brother to Belgium in 1994.In the summer of 1995, a friend introduced me to line dancing.She taught me my first dance.It was the dance I was hooked!

Later in the summer of that year we attended a line dance festival where we met a man & woman who were excellent dancers.Impressed with their skill,my parents and I asked if they were line dance instructors.They said "no" but indicated that they were interested in helping newcomers like us.We started meeting them weekly.

When my original teachers were no longer able to work with me - - after almost six years ofinstruction - - I was on my own. During that time, I had the good fortune to meet a line dance teaching couple who gave me valuable tips on how to teach.

During my early years of teaching, I started writting dances. My first was "Lucky Luke Leert Jodelen." In no time at all, I became deeply immersed in choreography, producing dances regulary. Perhaps the most known internationally is "Atomik Polka." The dance Appeared in Line dancer Magazine and was popularized by a video made by Arne Stakkestad, a Belgian whom I had met only a short time before the production of the video.

Arne and I stayed in touch with one another. About two years after initial meeting we decided to choreograph some dances together. "Betcha Never" was our first. Manny others followed.

I am now in Germany were I teach advanced line dance groups weekly as well as regularly conduction workshops for various levels of competency. My days are devoted to dancing and music, my two passions in life.

Where I am with line dancing today I owe to the many people (dancers, friends, and family) who support me with the wherewithal to do what I so much enjoy doing.


Bastiaan van Leeuwen.